About MCV Group

Since 2004 MCV Group has delivered a compelling value proposition serving your industry with people and equipment by consistently focusing on what matters and delivering with uncompromising safety, integrity and accountability at our core.

MCV Clients

We thrive because of our Clients.

We exist to serve your industry with people and equipment that have a positive impact on your performance.

Our clients each have their own specific situation, requirements and conditions and we work hard to build enduring relationships based on the delivery of tangible benefit.

MCV Industries

We provide complete solutions across a number of industries including Agriculture, Construction or Mining, Energy and Utilities, Marine and Rail.

We focus on building industry specific expertise so that we can tap into the depth of experience from our team to bring you the best possible specialised services.

MCV Services

We work smart and hard to have a positive impact on our Clients performance and outcomes.

Service provision is designed to enable our Clients to be more productive expanding the scale and scope of their capability and capacity through provision of people and equipment.
People – Our purpose is to focus on excellent outcomes and performance by understanding and serving your needs. MCV provides comprehensive, efficient and cost-effective services enabling you to extend your scope and increase your scale of service delivery with confidence.
We provide industry leading expert trades, specialists and operational, professional and administration staff.
Equipment – Safety, reliability and functionality drive the MCV equipment provision to your industry. We have built extensive knowledge of both general and specialist equipment and work smart and hard to deliver exceptional value every time. Full records of preventative maintenance programs are easy visible on our digital management system that demonstrates how all of our equipment is maintained at its optimum operating level and is ready to go.

MCV Business

We recognise that there are many service providers in the market, but there is only one MCV and we work smart and hard to be your Partner of choice.

Over time we have developed a sustainable business that exists to serve your industry, is scalable and consistently delivers tangible benefits. We experience, we learn and we embed value into our business to better serve your needs. Our culture, operations and systems are designed to make Partnering with us a positive experience that our Clients wish to continue and extend.

With accountability and transparency at our core the MCV digital management system makes it easy for Clients to view performance at any time, anywhere and on any device. We repeatedly earn the trust and loyalty of our Clients with this approach.


MCV Vision & Mission
MCV aims to be your valued provider (or Partner) of choice, working smart to serve your industry with people and equipment.

We will provide optimum people and equipment solutions, enabling our Clients to be productive. We work hard to make your job easier. Your success is our business.

We will earn the trust and loyalty of our Clients and Candidates by delivering value every time.

We will build expertise in your business to add value for your full and continued satisfaction.

We will stay true to our core values, building a company that our Customers and Candidates are proud to associate with.

MCV Values
Service – Your success is our business. We are dedicated to serving you to that end (with expert, results focused solutions for positive impact on your business).

Safety – We remain uncompromising in safety. Safety is embedded in our culture, operations and systems.

Integrity  – We uphold the highest value of integrity in all our actions. We are honest, transparent and own our outcomes.

Accountability – We are accountable for delivering on our commitments . We provide full transparency through our digital management system, for Client assurance and trust.

Smart – We work Smart and Hard. We strive for continual improvement, finding better ways to deliver tangible value to our Clients and Candidates.

Sustainable – Our business is based on enduring, credible and valued relationships. Our point of difference is the service value embedded in the business through our culture and digital management, so that our services are consistent, repeatable and scalable.

People matter   – We value our people, encourage their development and reward their performance.